haji firuz design costume


Costume with Piroozak design for boys

haji firooz

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315,000 تومان

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Piroozak design costume for boys between 5 to 7 years old.


Piroozak clothes or Haji Firouz unclerical happy for games and the celebration of your children.Haji Firuz clothing through name and color of clothing is happiness. Because time and wearing clothes that coincides with the awakening nature, its function and on a special meaning to.Components and the color of clothing, each has special place clothing on Iran.
Boys design (type collar, side slit dress, China head sleeve and ...) all full and proper coverage refers to ancient Iranians.
Trousers, breeches or phrase: This type of coverage covers the oldest men and women in Iran. Dilatation and closed above the ankle pants, clothes for children to play and easy to fit perfectly.
Boys design vests and scarves for girls in the project, to complete a beautiful dress makes.